We are Motion Blur


Three veteran musicians - Justin Joyner, Rob DeSantis, and Chris Toma - come together to form the new band MOTION BLUR.  The band is a culmination of a fun atmosphere, high-energy rock, and musical excellence that shows off the full potential of the music and the musicians.  The song selection is vast; MOTION BLUR faithfully journeys through the Classic Rock and Blues stylings of artists such as Hendrix, Tom Petty, and Van Halen.  Equally portrayed are new classics from more present times, such as music from Gin Blossoms, Jet, and The Strokes.  From blistering guitar solos to rich vocal harmonies, MOTION BLUR has the unique ability to perform music to suit any occasion or venue, and does so with passion and precision.


Vocals, Guitar / Justin Joyner
Bass, Vocals / Rob DeSantis
Drums, Vocals / Chris Toma

Keys, Sequence / Mr. Ted




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